At GraceCompanyCrafts, our goal is to deliver skirts that complement your figure flawlessly. Accurate measurements are crucial to achieving this goal. Please note that providing measurements doesn't necessarily mean you're placing a custom order. Having your skirt tailored to your measurements doesn't mean it's a custom order. It allows us to make your skirt as perfect as possible for your body shape. Below are the measurements we need:

  1. Waist Circumference
  2. Hip Measurement
  3. Overall Height: Measure from the top of your head to the floor
  4. Full-Length Photo without Face: This helps us better understand your body proportions. Your privacy is paramount, and any information you provide is strictly confidential and solely used for fulfilling your order with the utmost precision. However, if you're unable to provide this photo, there's no cause for concern; we'll work with the measurements you provide.

Below, you'll find detailed instructions for taking each measurement.

Measuring Your Waist and Hips

Please refer to the illustration for guidance on taking accurate measurements. Stand upright with a relaxed posture and wrap the measuring tape around your body. Follow the red lines in the image below to guide the tape along the designated areas. Make sure the tape fits snugly against your body without being overly tight. It's recommended to take measurements while wearing thin clothing. Keep in mind that hip shapes may vary among individuals, so measurements should be taken at the widest points of the hips if different from the image.