We believe that an order made according to the measurements of the client's figure is more accurate than according to the standard size chart. In fact, we strive to fulfill any order according to the standards of our customers. Exceptions are orders for shop windows. You can also change the color of the product to any other. Now we offer about 75 different colors. Of course, we cannot guarantee that we will make any product in any color. This is due to the fact that up to 7 different materials can be used in one product and it can be difficult to choose well-matched tones of each material. However, we always try to work out the wishes of our customers as much as possible and even if we cannot find the right colors, we offer various color options for you to choose from. And so you can be sure that we did exactly what you wanted, we take pictures of the product and send you photos before sending your order.   You can view our color map here. Just below we would like to show you examples of our work for our clients. 
Replacing black with a bright electric
At the request of the client, the black fabric was replaced with a striped one. All three pairs of trousers were made according to the figures of the dancers.
Color change to dark red fabric
Replacing black fabric with bright red
We will be happy to hear your ideas and wishes for style and color!
Write to us on our email: gracecompanycrafts@gmail.com or WhatsApp +380952434248