Asymmetric Latin Dance Blouse

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So many compliments!

So many compliments!. The fringe dress was outstanding, the color even though it was white it was absolutely beautiful. And made so well. The pink skirt and top, which they actually made a leotard out of the top, was another out of the ballpark hit. My instructor who is from Siberia, eho is very very picky and notices everything commented on how well the outfit was made. Artemwas just amazing and how he was so focused on making sure that he and his team designed a product that I asked for. Not to mention the super Duper fast delivery. I definitely will be utilizing these services again. And have already forwarded their information to at least one other dancer in my studio.

By the way, when I came out in the white dress, they were little girls there and they said wow! and children always say what they think‼️‼️

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