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The dress fits like a glove!

Artem recommended making this top and the matching skirt into a dress due to my being only 5'2". They joined the two pieces together with a band around the waist and even built in the bodysuit, so that it lays perfectly. The added body suit also eliminated the need for dance shorts, as you're fully covered. Beautiful job!

They added long sleeves to the top out of the same fabric and they are perfect. The dress fits like a glove!

The skirt really has a cute "wow" factor. The black lace under the edge of the skirt shows when dancing turns or flipping the skirt during a tango. Lots of special detail in this dress. It is simple, but elegant. It makes you want to flip the skirt just to show off that extra lace detail!

I'm dancing in this one for our Spring Showcase. I love this dress too! Thank you, Artem!

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